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The Introduction to Program video helps you to the learning elements of your program with suggestions on how to best understand how to use California GO MATH!! in your classroom!

  • California Go Math!! Parental Overview

  • Math On The Spot Videos

    • Walk students through solutions to selected problems in the Student Edition
    • Provide step-by-step instructions and explanations of key math concepts
    • Are accessible using QR codes in the Student Edition
  • The 5 Es Instructional Model, The Teacher Edition

    Focus On Success


    Supporting the Standards for Mathematical Practice through Questioning


    • New, sleek Chapter Teacher Guides allow you to teach and move freely as you monitor student progress
    • Organized around and color-coded to represent the Critical Areas of the Common Core for each grade
    • Instruction is organized in a clear, uncluttered, and familiar format, making your most important tool for implementing CCSS an easy-to-use guide.
  • Getting Started with California Go Math! K-6 2015

Guidebooks and Support Documents

Get started with your online materials in ThinkCentral with these guided videos.

Guidebooks and Support Documents

  • Introduction to Program Design

  • How To: Add Students, Classes and Edit

  • How To: Add Assignments

  • How To: View Results

  • Introduction to the HMH Player App

  • GO MATH!! K-6 Personal Math Trainer |  Pathway to Implementation Video Tutorial

    GO MATH!! K-6 PMT Knewton Adaptive Workflows Video Tutorial

  •  How to Access your GO MATH! Concept Readers Online

    In order to access the audio feature of Concept readers, Adobe Reader is required to be installed. Audio should play without issue in Internet Explorer and Safari but user may be prompted to trust the content first.  Adobe Reader may also prompt user to trust the content.


    However, in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, the built-in PDF plug-in has to be disabled to access the audio feature of Concept readers. Please follow the step by step instructions


    To disable the in-built PDF plugin on Firefox:


    Step 1: Open Firefox and go to Tools -> Options -> Applications. Step 2: Scroll down to Content Type = PDF. Step 3: Change ‘Preview in Firefox’ to ‘Use Adobe Reader (default)’.


    To disable the in-built PDF plugin on Chrome:


    Step 1: Open Chrome and type "about:plugins" into the omnibox at the top.

    Step 2: Scroll down and find Chrome PDF Viewer.

    Step 3: Click the "Disable" link to prevent PDFs from loading within Chrome.


    If audio still does not play in Adobe Reader, do the following:


    Step 1: Log out and close the website.

    Step 2: Open Adobe Reader on your computer.

    Step 3: In the toolbar, go to Edit and then select Preferences.

    Step 4: Click the Security (Enhanced) category on the left.

    Step 5: In the section Sandbox Protections, on the upper left, clear the check box for Enable Protected Mode at Startup.

    Step 6: In the section Enhanced Security, just under Sandbox Protections, clear the check box for Enable Enhanced Security.

    Step 7: Click OK.

    Step 8: Exit Adobe Reader.

    Step 9: Try to access the media again.



Professional Development

Ensure A Successful Classroom Implementation California GO MATH!!

Changing the World for Students with Special Needs

Dr. Juli Dixon and her daughter, Alex, are working to change the world for students with special needs so that they actually like math and work with it well.  Join them as they tell of their very personal journey and share some deep insight into the world of students with special needs:

  • A Stroke of Luck – Alex Dixon and Dr. Juli Dixon

  • Professional Development Brochure

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