Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

Math in Focus® Interactive Whiteboard Lessons offer you an exciting digital format for teaching every Math in Focus lesson. Lessons are easy to use and align with the Student and Teacher's Editions. They are a great way to keep students motivated with fun and effective technology. Each Interactive Whiteboard Lesson includes a helpful Teacher Tips bar with step-by-step lesson support for the teacher.

Download a Sample

Grade 1 Sample (1.32 Mb)
Grade 2 Sample (1.29 Mb)
Grade 3 Sample (2.99 Mb)
Grade 4 Sample (1.5 Mb)
Grade 5 Sample (1.89 Mb)

Note: Whether you are using a SMART Board®, Promethean®, or another type of interactive whiteboard device, Math in Focus Interactive Whiteboard Lessons are compatible and easy to use. Simply make sure you have ActivInspire® on your computer before downloading. ActivInspire can be downloaded for free online.

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