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Common Core Standards for Mathematics

If you prefer a digital or an online approach to planning, preparation and teaching the eTeacher edition and chapter ePlanner offer just in time links to each lessons digital and print resources. The eStudent edition allows students any time access to their books with audio reinforcement and links to iTools (animated math models) as well as a range of online practice. The GO Math! Multimedia eGlossary features audio, graphics and animated definitions. Real word videos and lesson animations featuring Curious George and Carmen Sandiego present an engaging way to draw students into each chapter.  iTools are ideal for problem solving and concept modeling on an interactive white board.

Tying it all together is GO Math’s best in class assessment available in print and online formats. Use data driven diagnostics for each lessons prerequisite skills, receive reports and intervention plans, deliver formative and summative assessments and track student progress.

Let GO Math help you reach your ultimate goal helping every student achieve success and develop 21st Century lifelong learning skills..

Common Core Math