The Five Pillars of Reading Support Early Literacy

Reading strategies help students grow with the five pillars of literacy

Earobics is based on a research-proven methodology that focuses on teaching the five pillars of reading. Each pillar is an important piece of the literacy puzzle; as these pieces come together, students make the transition from 'learning to read' to 'reading to learn.'

Here's how Earobics addresses the five pillars of reading:

Earobics Five Pillars of Reading

Phonemic Awareness: Delivers systematic, explicit instruction that automatically adjusts to ensure that individual students are working at the appropriate level before moving on.

Phonics: Engages students with multimedia components, including manipulatives and music, while supporting explicit and systematic instruction in phonics.

Vocabulary Development: Develops language and vocabulary concepts through context clues, background knowledge, repeated exposure to words in multiple contexts, and oral language experiences.

Reading Fluency: Builds sight word vocabulary with explicit multisensory activities.

Reading Comprehension: Provides explicit instruction in comprehension strategies to support the ability to predict, activate background knowledge, retell, question, draw conclusions, and more.

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